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Straight from the Source

I love Penticton Pilates. Sharon O'connor and her staff are so knowledgeable about injuries and what needs to be done to recover. I continually feel like a child learning a new skill as we dive through the program. i have had a sciatica problem for over a year and i am happy to say that with Sharon's work and that of my facia team, i have nearly recovered. I know that pilates will be a part of my life for ever and that it is essential if i want to continue playing tennis and being active.  I am 64 and need my body to stay healthy.

Sharon R.

This place is terrific and the classes fantastic.
I booked private classes to start as I have not done pilates in a few years and I so glad I booked them. Michelle, my teacher, is a gem!
She  has gotten me to the point where I am now taking beginner classes and love every minute of it!
Kudos to Penticton Classical Pilates!!!

Lani M.

Sharon is such an amazing instructor.  I am back to the studio after major back surgery.  Sharon understands that rehab is not only physically demanding but mentally challenging as well.  She provides positive motivation along with appropriate exercises.  This is the second time Sharon has helped me after major surgery.  I am confident she will help me get to where I want to go in a safe and timely manner.  She's the best

Liz G.

A lovely, intimate studio with a wonderful variety of equipment, super knowlegable instructions and mellow tunes to groove your core to!

Maureen K.

Sharon makes it hard but fun all at the same time! She is so knowledgeable and knows how to make you more connected. We laugh work so hard that we are shaking and yet in a very relaxing atmosphere! I absolutely love it!!

Stephanie I.

Sharon is a fantastic instructor, she creates a great environment in the studio for learning your body and progressing in your movements. I always walk away in awe of what we are able to accomplish. The atmosphere is always lightened by the humor we share in class! She has created a lifelong committed student. 

I can't say enough good things about Sharon O'Connor and the Penticton Pilates Studio. I have been practicing Pilates with her for just over a year and in that time I have seen some remarkable changes worth noting. First and foremost, the changes to my own strength and flexibility. The movements I have been taught have allowed me to heal from repetitive motion injuries to my shoulder, hip and lower back. My energy, stamina and overall fitness have increased to a point where I feel I have rolled the clock back years. Sharon has always been on top of when I needed to be challenged and has always acknowledged progression to my movement, usually before I realize it myself.

Secondly, the increase to my own self awareness. I understand my body in ways I never have before, which in turn has changed my everyday life. I am more conscious of what my body needs daily and how to treat it to keep the harmony which I have now created. I am kinder to myself in every way; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The last change worth mentioning is the change in the actual studio itself. Sharon has outdone herself in the past year with constant improvements made to the workout space and equipment. It truly speaks of her commitment to Pilates, her clients and her studio. She has created an amazing space that makes us all want to work hard and reap the rewards.    - TB

Tracy B.

There is so much I could say about why I love Pilates and specifically about why I love being a part of the Penticton Pilates studio. To start out, I am still new to this, I have only been a part of the studio for about 9 months. In those 9 months though, I feel like I have grown leaps and bounds. I came into Pilates knowing I am not the 'athletic' type and have always struggled with working out consistently and have gone back and forth with many different types of exercises but never feeling like I was good enough at one to enjoy it enough to continue. As a mom and a woman I have always struggled with body images even though I am considered 'thin' but have never thought as myself as strong. The last few years I have been on anti-depressants and anxiety medication and have been very self conscious of that. Since I began doing Pilates consistently I have felt so much stronger and have realized that I actually am stronger than I have ever thought I was physically. I have been able to let go of that image that I think I should look like or that I need to be athletic to excel in a workout. I leave every class feeling stronger and more capable than when I walked in. More importantly though, I have been able to decrease my medication and have been feeling so much more mentally stable and in control. All in all, I have realized that Pilates is so much more than what someone might think it is. It is the best kind of movement anyone can do! I will never be able to say enough about the courage and confidence it has given me and it hasn't even been a year since I started! To be able to look back at who I was a year ago and what I thought about working out should look like, I can honestly say I am not the same person and a huge part of that is because of Pilates! Pilates leaves you feeling strong and capable. Classes are so great! Where else can you find great company, tons of laughs, body awareness, strength and confidence? This place is the place to be!-HH

Holly H.