• Sharon Parsons

The Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

A new chlorophyll trend is sweeping North America. Never heard of it? Don’t worry; I’ve done some research to see what the hype about Chlorophyll is all about!

What is Chlorophyll?

Chlorophyll is one of the most abundant materials on earth. If you try, you can probably remember learning about chlorophyll in elementary school! Somewhere in the back of the mind is a faint memory of a teacher educating you about the role of chlorophyll and plant health!

If you need a refresher (I know I did): chlorophyll exists in plants to add bright green colour to the leaves. Having richly pigmented foliage is crucial for successful photosynthesis to occur in the plant. This is how to plant nourishes itself and continues to thrive.

How do I add chlorophyll to my diet?

The most popular and easily accessible way of getting chlorophyll through the diet is drinking it! People will purchase litre-sized bottles from local pharmacies (over the counter, so no prescriptions are required) and mix them with water.

Think of chlorophyll as a type of oral supplement that needs to be drunk. It is not meant to be a meal replacement or anything like that; it simply compliments the rest of your diet and lifestyle.

Other food companies offer a tablet version of chlorophyll, which is meant to be swallowed daily. The exact dosage will vary by product, so be sure to read the instructions before taking.

What does it taste like?

The flavour is very mild. Some drinkers report a pleasant minty taste, but other people could barely pick up on the chlorophyll at all!

If you are skeptical about the flavour or sensitive to tastes, you can safely squeeze lemon juice into your chlorophyll water mixture. This will mask any potential minty flavours and will also brighten up your drinking water!

What are the benefits of ingesting chlorophyll?

The health benefits of chlorophyll are still being researched. The health and wellness industry believes that taking chlorophyll every day can help optimize liver health and improve your overall hydration status.

More research needs to be conducted, but preliminary results look promising. People who drink chlorophyll regularly report feeling more energized, greater overall vitality due to the rich antioxidant properties of chlorophyll, and overall feel mentally more alert. It also has anti-microbial properties, which means it’s suitable for everything from skin to immune system function!

Is there a risk of using chlorophyll daily?

There are no known risks for drinking chlorophyll water at this time. It is a product that is similar in make-up to coconut water. Both of these products are rich in electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and provide excellent hydration!

If you feel safe including coconut water in your routine, chlorophyll water is no different! Try drinking it for a week and keep track of how you feel. Did your energy improve? Do you feel revitalized? Like any health change, it is essential to stay consistent! Long-term usage of natural products typically lends itself to more significant results.

I don't know about you, but all of these benefits sound pretty great in my book. Give chlorophyll a try if you're looking for an easy way to give your health the boost it needs this winter season! Do you think chlorophyll could be the answer to all our problems?

Let me know what you think – do you have any questions about this trend? I’m happy to answer them for you! Please email me:


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