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The Benefits of Walking Everyday

Doing something good for your body and mind can be as simple as lacing up your shoes, and heading out for a walk. Walking is one of the simplest ways to stay healthy. It doesn't require any equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere. Not only does walking help with weight loss, it also helps reduce stress and anxiety levels. In fact, just 10 minutes of brisk walking per day can provide many health benefits! Learn how walking everyday can benefit your health!

Trim Your Waistline

Daily movement is critical to maintaining a stable weight. If you feel like you’ve drifted away from your typical shape, walking can certainly help get you back to normal.

Work towards increasing the pace of your walk. Ideally, get to a point where you are slightly out of breath, but you can still manage to have a conversation. This is the threshold when our body reaps the cardio benefits from walking.

Reducing Arthritic Pain In the Body

It may not feel like it, but movement can be the best remedy for stiffness and pain related to arthritis. The more we move, the more the body will benefit.

Include a daily walk at whatever time of day you prefer. Consistent walks can keep your joints lubricated, and decrease pain or stiffness you feel over time.

Promotes Balance

When walking is done correctly, it is a form of movement that involves all of the major muscle groups in the body. As we age, it is critical to keep these muscles activated to reduce the risk of losing balance, and possibly falling.

This may sound like a recommendation that is directed at seniors, but it’s relevant for everybody! Your core should be engaged when you walk, it ensures your posture is healthy and your balance is maintained.

Reduce Stress

When you feel stressed, anxious, or even depressed, there may be an urge to stay inside and sit tight. This is a vicious cycle, because staying still usually makes us feel even worse.

Taking a first step to get outside can feel like climbing a mountain, but as soon as you are out the door you will probably think ‘why didn’t I go for a walk sooner?’ Walking does not need equipment, it does not need fancy attire, you can simply leave the worries behind and start a nice stroll.

Provides You With A New Perspective

One of the best parts of walking vs driving is the ability to see your surroundings through a different perspective. When out for a walk you have the opportunity to see gardens, parks, and other novelties in your city.

Adding Nordic Poles

Nordic Poles essentially look like ski poles, you may have already seen some people walking with them. If you want your walk to include more of a ‘work-out’ feel, add nordic poles to your routine.

They are slightly heavy, and they force you to engage your arms while you are walking. Studies have shown that people who use nordic poles burn more calories (because their upper body is more engaged) and they have better control of their blood sugars!

In Summary

Walking is a simple, and effective way to manage your health! Your physical body and your mental health will benefit from daily walks, try to include them in your routine today!

Walking is one of the simplest and most effective ways to manage your health. You need only a pair of shoes, some time to yourself (and maybe an accountability partner) for this low-cost activity that yields high rewards. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or simply maintain healthy habits, walking can help! It doesn't take much effort on your part either - just set out for 10 minutes every day and see how it helps.

So what's stopping you from adding a daily walking into your routine?


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