Frequently asked questions


Why choose Sharon Parsons?

I am committed to offering the highest level of Pilates training and believe that is best achieved with individualized attention. We are also committed to knowledge and research based training With 16 years experiecnce and practicing the work daily, I have embodied this work and love sharing it with others daily.

Where do I start?

Step 1: Book a consultation You are curious about Classical Pilates or would like to find out which classes would be most suitable book a Consultation with me. I will assess your physical history and wellness goals as well as provide you with a postural assessment and movement analysis.
*Please wear comfortable clothing and prepare to move!

What can I expect from my first visit?

Please plan to arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your first session to fill out new student forms. Due to Covid-19 and to allow for physical distance between students, we do not allow anyone inside the studio early or during sessions. Please fill out our Covid-19 Pre screening form before every session. *The link to this form can be found in the reminder email prior to your session. We have spaced our sessions 15 minutes apart to ensure proper disinfection and cleaning of high touch surfaces and equipment. If you arrive early, please wait outside the studio or until the door to the studio is opened. Out of consideration for our teachers and other students, classes start promptly, no late arrivals will be accepted as it disrupts the flow of our classes.

Is Pilates effective for weightloss?

No form of weight training or exercise alone will help you lose weight without making necessary dietary changes. Reducing your sugar intake–including alcohol–will drastically improve your results regardless of which form of training you decide upon. While a cardio workout does burn more calories than an average Pilates class, Classical Pilates can use up to 300 calories per session or more. More important than caloric expenditure is its combination of anaerobic (resistance training) and multi-joint exercise approach. This is an incredibly effective way to achieve weight loss results because major muscle groups work synergistically, building overall strength while working overall posture. Consider that with anaerobic training like Classcial Pilates, metabolism stays elevated for a longer period than cardio because muscles burn more calories at rest compared to some other tissues in the body

How does the on-demand studio work?

Parsons Pilates is your new online studio. It's run by me, Sharon Parsons-advanced Pilates instructor and mobility specialist with over 16 years in the business. There are live pilate classes for those that love a live studio experience from the comfort of their own home as well; there are on demand website too where you can find brand new videos every week! Check out more here: