Pilates for Men

“True flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed.“ - Joseph Pilates

Why Pilates for Men?

There are many benefits for men to start Pilates. Besides the obvious one of developing a strong core, the same benefits that woman receive, men also receive; improved posture, increased lung capacity, improves flexibility, reduces low back pain, recovery from injury, and the list goes on. We recommend all men start at our studio with a private to assist your needs and make sure we are a good fit for your goals. 


I learned that Sharon and her staff can increase athletic performance and rehabilitation by pinpointing weaknesses and correcting faulty patterns. I have also learned that this skill is not something every Pilates teacher has. 
My faulty patterns led to chronic pain in my sciatic and tightness and immobility throughout my upper body and neck. Through Sharon and her magic and care at Penticton Classical Pilates, I have improved my posture and tennis swing through, greater awareness, Pilates exercise, and proper breathing. I stand more erect and have reduced my forward head position. I have also progressed from being a shallow breather to one who can now fill up my lungs and use my breath to move my body and to activate to correct muscles for various movements on the tennis court as opposed to compensating because of weak muscle patterns.
My Pilates challenge is to teach my body to work uniformly and efficiently so that I can alleviate the years of stresses I have put on it my muscles and bones, as well as to maximize my strength and power with less effort. I continually feel like a young child learning to walk in my Pilates classes. Pilates is focused, challenging and does amazing things for my body. I take two private lessons a week from Sharon and know that I am still very much at the beginning of the Pilates journey.

Sharon R. 

Pilates is undoubtedly one of the top forms of exercise for injury prevention and rehabilitationPilates helps athletes develop core strength, increase flexibility, assist in rehabilitation after injury and create muscular balance throughout the entire body.  As a result, athletes can withstand rigorous training programs and ultimately improve their golf drive, split times, running speed or baseball pitch, prevent or recover from injury, and maintain an optimal fitness level for the activity of choice.


Injuries in high-level sports often occur because of overuse and imbalances in the major muscle groups. Pilates works to alleviate these imbalances by discerning weakness in posture and specific muscle groups during your workout. Through its gentle strength building and body awareness, Pilates can improve athletic performance by ensuring your body is in proper alignment to sustain the demands placed on it.


Mobility benefits

  • Injury prevention

  • Ability to absorb impact and the forces applied during contact

  • Increased range of motion in the ankle to improve skating efficiency 

  • Skate faster, hit the puck harder and with more accuracy

  • A stronger and more stable core helps attain an optimal follow-through with an increased range of motion in shoulders 

  • Gain more power because of added hip and torso flexibility 

  • Have a stronger and bigger hip turn for greater control through the rotation

  • Create a smoother and more powerful shot due to evenly conditioned back muscles

  • Maximize balance and alignment while rotating

  • Decrease fatigue because of less strain on the body

  • Play without pain

  • Increase Power and Speed with Uniform Muscles

  • Fixing mechanical weakness

  • Mental focus and breath work

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