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Classical pilates

Change happens through movement and movement heals - Joseph Pilates

Classical Pilates

Classical Pilates is a series of controlled movements performed on spring-based equipment as well as specifically sequenced mat exercises. A workout based on the proper alignment of the body and precise execution of the exercise; the Pilates Method is an appropriate exercise discipline for everyone at any stage of physical fitness. The results are efficiency and ease in movement from a stronger, integrated body. It is a full body exercise system that strengthens the abdomen, buttocks, lower back, and inner thigh region.  Those who practice Pilates notice improvements in posture, energy, flexibility, balance, strength, stamina and muscle tone. In addition to customizing each workout to meet the needs of the individual, every session embraces the six principles of Pilates: control, concentration, body alignment, precision, correct breathing, and flowing movement.

Pilates Privates 

We take your spine health seriously! All new clients are required to do a Private session or a personal consultation. This is Ideal for those completely new to Pilates or exercise, but not limited to it. Particularly great for those dealing with injuries or working with conditions & limitations. 


Be you a complete novice or an advanced movement practitioner 1 Individual session is an essential prerequisite prior to joining any class.


Intro offer for new clients : 3 Privates for $199. Book online by clicking the link below! 

Take a class

Learn more than 500 precise movements designed to stretch and strengthen muscles without adding bulk, from highly trained instructors!

Pilates Mat


Mat classes come in a variety of styles and are typically the first step in your Pilates training although it is easily the most difficult when performed properly at the highest levels. 

Beg/Int Mat: A Mat Class for those who are ready to move beyond the fundamentals, pick up the pace a bit, and learn new exercises.
Int Mat: Rhythm and flow increase at this Intermediate Level, building endurance and control in your body.
Int/Adv & Advanced Mat: (Instructor approval required)  These classes are for Pilates Teachers, Teacher Trainees, and very experienced Classical Pilates students.