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 Today was my first time at the new studio and I immediately felt comfortable in the space. Sharon gave me a one on one Pilates session and I am completely impressed with her knowledge and understanding of how the body works on every level. Her passion to help improve the lives of others is undeniable and you just know you are in the best hands possible when she explains how all the moving parts operate with tensegrity and her goal is to maximize efficiency between structural, muscular, breathing, alignment and mental energies. I have never found any other exercise that brings this much balance and postural correctness. I breath better after class. I stand taller. I feel more connected to my body. I feel a sense of betterment. I love Pilates and I am grateful to Joseph Pilates for being such a visionary. Penticton Classic Pilates are trained professionals who really care and I have had my best Pilates experience ever there. Thank you!

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We welcome people of all fitness levels to our studio. Pilates is a widely adaptable form, so it's a great fit for people with a variety of goals and physical considerations. Please come just as you are.