Discipline and joy are not mutually exclusive. 
Every session will contain hard work and plenty of satisfaction.

My name is Sharon - I want to introduce myself as the owner of Parsons Pilates and welcome you to our Pilates family! I am intensely passionate about this work and feel grateful that I get to share it with others daily.  

I have seen a lot of incredible transformations through my Pilates teaching. I have worked with clients experiencing chronic back pain, chronic knee pain, chronic shoulder pain – and over time witnessed these clients become pain free through a dedicated practice. I have witnessed a client with a low back problem of 40 years heal with Pilates. I have seen knee replacement clients, elite athletes, and most frequently: everyday lifestyle clients whose goal is to stay fit and healthy. The stories range widely; the benefits are endless, and the work really speaks for itself. With an intentional commitment, you will begin to see your body transform. 



Sharon has been teaching Pilates for over 15 years. She has completed 1000 hours of Classical Pilates training and is a graduate of The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. Additionally certified as a yoga instructor, Sharon has received 100 hours of Ashtanga Yoga training, along with 200 hours of Hatha Yoga training. She maintains formal training on an ongoing basis through workshop opportunities with other Classical instructors. 

In her own words:

“I believe passionately in the Classical Method of Pilates. This style of conditioning is designed to heal the body through tailored movement. With a committed practice and plenty of patience, the body will re-align and move as it was naturally designed. 

I strive to create a supportive teaching environment by positioning myself as a facilitator dedicated to each client’s wellness journey. The goal is to strengthen one’s unique relationship with their body as they learn to understand movement, and how it applies their particular needs. There is “no one size fits all”, and we will work with other disciplines that may also enhance performance. We adapt our teaching and learning practices through continuous feedback, while sharing in the joy and passion of Pilates.

I believe in limitless potential. I aim to ignite the passion of movement within all bodies, regardless of age, injury, or fitness level. I prescribe to the full body approach for wellness. If we listen to and respect our body’s unique needs, we will experience optimal health and vitality. By investing in our philosophy, you’ll gain strength, flexibility, stability, mobility and confidence with every class. We pride ourselves on this whole-body approach, and our one-of-a-kind classes that are specifically designed to keep you engaged for the long haul. 


I took my first Pilates class as a teenager to strengthen my core and heal debilitating shin splints. To my surprise, the functional methods of Pilates delivered and my shin splints disappeared. I have been teaching Pilates since I was 19 (I am currently 35). I became a mat pilates instructor first, with a company called STOTT Pilates. I received my reformer certification and taught the STOTT Method until I was 23. At that time, I transitioned into the Classical Method of Pilates. 

I became a solo parent to my son at age 22 and realized that I had a burning desire to open my own studio one day. I trained 5-6 days a week, worked two jobs and taught Pilates in the evenings in order to make my dream a reality. During this grind, I graduated as an Advanced Pilates Instructor with The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado. This Teacher Training Program was founded in 1991 and is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth classical teacher programs available. I later became and still am a Host Advisor for The Pilates Center, which means a facet of my work is advising new instructors. 

After many years of blood, sweat and tears: I opened my Penticton Pilates studio in 2013. We had a beautiful run for 7 years! And then…2020 arrived. A year that has turned many of our worlds upside down. 

Our forced COVID global pause revealed a strong, personal truth: I was tired! Mentally and physically. I will always be thankful for the 60 hour work weeks that helped forge my dream, however I quickly learned this year that it’s time to slow down. I started this journey because of the way it healed my body, and I found myself in deep need of that healing once again. I now desire slow, intentional days and to get outside into nature. I want to create. I need to move my body everyday. I believe life should be LIVED… and enjoyed!

After facing a tough financial decision to close our Penticton studio, I am excited to create a more intimate and intentional space to continue my teaching career. It’s a privilege to be able to transition to a home studio in Kaleden, BC.

Turning my large scale space into a smaller, more intentional studio allows me to prioritize my well being, and by extension - the well being of my clients. This move also offers an opportunity to focus more of my attention on mentoring new instructors, an incredibly meaningful side of my teaching practice. I look forward to guiding you to the next level of healing and wellness. We will address diet, nutrition, supplements, sleep, stress level, inflammation. I strive to cultivate a full body healing methodology for my clients. The body is INTELLIGENT - we don't need to teach the body anything new with Pilates, we simply remind it how it is designed to MOVE.

©2020 by Sharon Parsons.